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Red Dots About Front Porch Agility
About Front Porch Agility

Upscale Your Agile Journey with Us

DotWelcome to Front Porch Agility

Elevate your skills with our expert-led courses.

Empower teams with comprehensive training and certification in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®). Unlock the potential for seamless collaboration and accelerated delivery.

  • Receive personalized support from seasoned Agile professionals.
  • Join a worldwide community of Agile-certified professionals.
  • Access exclusive resources & professional development opportunities.

Ready to excel? Start your Scaled Agile journey now.

Discover the Path to Scaled Agile Excellence: Explore Front Porch Agility Training and Consultancy Programs Today!

Our Professional Team

Meet our team of seasoned professionals who bring years of expertise and industry knowledge to our courses. Get invaluable insights of Agile Methodologies.

Clive Hays Front Porch Agility Team

Clive Hays

Principal Consultant - Scaled Agile SPCT Can

Neil Hays Front Porch Agility Team

Neil Hays

Principal Consultant - Scaled Agile SPCT

Charlene Newton SPCT Front Porch Agility Team

Charlene Newton

Principal Consultant - Scaled Agile SPCT

Chad Williams Front Porch Agility Team

Chad Williams

Principal Consultant - Scaled Agile SPCT

Nishant Sasidharan Front Porch Agility Team

Nishant Sasidharan

Principal Consultant - Scaled Agile SPC

Jenna Price Front Porch Agility Team

Jenna Price

Consultant - Scaled Agile SPC


Our Expert Instructors

Jenny Wilson

UI Designer

Jenny Wilson

UI Designer

Jenny Wilson

UI Designer

Jenny Wilson

UI Designer

Red Dots About Front Porch Agility

Secure your agility and propel your professional career


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our products or services? Check out our FAQ section for quick answers to common queries.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) is a proven, comprehensive framework for scaling Agile and Lean practices across the organization. It provides a set of principles, roles, events, and artifacts to help enterprises effectively implement Agile at scale.

Professional Guidance: SAFe® practitioners with years of experience in the field oversee our training programs. They offer not just academic understanding but also real-world application gained from years of actual experience.

Customized Approach: We recognize that each person has different learning requirements. Because of this, our courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of students with a range of skill levels and career goals. We offer the ideal curriculum for you, regardless of your level of experience with Agile or want to expand your knowledge.

Verified Outcomes: Don't just believe what we say. Our past performance is quite evident. In addition to earning Scaled Agile Certification, countless happy clients have reported measurable gains in organizational agility and project performance following training.

Personalized Learning: We think that education should be tailored to the individual. Our instructors take the time to get to know your unique training objectives and obstacles so that you may receive individualized coaching and assistance.

All-Inclusive Support: We provide continuous support to enable you to successfully implement your newly acquired knowledge in the workplace after class. Our staff is available to assist you with any post-training queries or implementation needs.

In conclusion, Front Porch Agility is the best place for Scaled Agile Certification Training because we provide professional direction, customized learning opportunities, tested outcomes, individualized support, and all-encompassing help to make sure you succeed in the Agile environment.

Front Porch Agility offers a diverse range of professional training options, including specialized tracks like AI Scrum Master and AI Product Management, alongside esteemed certifications such as SPC, RTE, and PO/PM. Our courses cover all levels of SAFe® certification and provide flexible learning formats, including in-person, virtual, and self-paced online sessions. Elevate your Agile expertise with expert-guided training from Front Porch Agility.

Getting started is easy! Explore our course offerings to find the right training for you, or reach out to our team for personalized guidance by visiting our Contact Us page. Whether you're an individual looking to advance your career or an organization seeking to transform your Agile practices, we're here to support you every step of the way.

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